Breezy Hill

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Neighborhood Photo Overview for Breezy Hill

We are currently photographing all neighborhoods in Rockwall. Photos for Breezy Hill Addition will be uploaded as soon as they are taken.

Neighborhood Map for Breezy Hill (in color)


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Neighborhood Overview for Breezy Hill, Rockwall Texas

Breezy Hill is a neighborhood of homes on the north side of Rockwall.  The neighborhood is comprised of four builders within the community.  This allows the homebuyer to have many options and choices.  Many of the homes are on 70-100 foot width lot sites.  There are several sections within the neighborhood that back up to a tree line with no neighbors directly behind them.  Within the rolling hills of this neighborhood there is quite a bit of terrain that makes it unique.  One of my favorite spots is a Lilly Pond that blooms all summer long.  Beautiful sunsets can be seen from this area as well.

The area is close by to shopping and medical access.  Within a few miles is the new Kroger and YMCA.  There are several other retail areas being planned within a few miles of the community.  The new town park will open this summer as well as the new community pool.

  • Current Listings and Recent Solds: REQUEST A FREE LIST
  • Price Range: $375,000 – $610,000
  • Years Built: 2013 – Current
  • SQFT Range: 2500-5100
  • Lot Sizes: 0.09 – 2.20 Acres
  • Number of Lots in Subdivision: 342
  • Number of Lots w/out Homes: 214
  • HOA: Yes, $650/Annual
  • Features: Near Lake Ray Hubbard
  • Subdivision Website: n/a
  • Schools: Click Here for more school information
  • Celia Hays Elementary School
  • J.W. Williams Middle School
  • Rockwall High School

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Neighborhood Video Overview for Breezy Hill

We are currently recording videos for all neighborhoods in Rockwall. Video for Breezy Hills Addition will be uploaded as soon as it is finished.