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Neighborhood Photo Overview for Northshore

We are currently photographing all neighborhoods in Rockwall. Photos for Northshore will be uploaded as soon as they are taken.

Neighborhood Map for Northshore (in blue)

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Neighborhood Real Estate Specialist for Northshore

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Neighborhood Overview for Northshore, Rockwall Texas

  • Current Listings and Recent Solds: REQUEST A FREE LIST
  • Price Range: $120,500 – $472000
  • Years Built: 1975 – present
  • SQFT Range: 1500 – 3800
  • Lot Sizes: .14 – .57
  • Number of Lots in Subdivison: 455
  • Number of Lots w/out Homes: 32
  • HOA: None
  • Features:
  • Subdivision Website:
  • Schools: Click Here for more school information
  • Virginia Reinhardt/Grace Hartman Elementary School
  • Herman E. Utley/J.W. Williams Middle School
  • Rockwall High School

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Neighborhood Video Overview for Northshore