“We enjoyed working with the two of you, you are a great team. Evan you were great with the business side of the transaction, and Virginia I know that Tara valued having you involved in order to get a solid second opinion regarding the aesthetics of the homes we visited. Tara and I both appreciated your ability to do business in this Internet age that we live in, as you know we are both regularly at our computers throughout the day, your consistent email support was important to us finding the home we purchased so quickly. I also appreciated the general conversation throughout the process that led us to feel comfortable with your knowledge and expertise in buying a home. You really made us feel comfortable by communicating clearly what we needed to do and what you were doing on our behalf. Most of all you just did a good job of making the experience fun, at times it was overwhelming and at times stressful – but your efforts made the whole thing enjoyable, we appreciate that.”

Isaac and Tara Kohlbacher – Dallas, Texas