Dallas area taxpayers are no longer among the country’s biggest tax laggards.

Dallas, as well as Austin, San Antonio and Seattle fell off Intuit Inc.’s annual list of the top 10 cities for procastinators when it comes to filing federal income tax returns, Intuit said Tuesday. All those cities appeared on Intuit’s 2004 list.

Dallas ranked ninth in 2004, but did not make the latest list, which covers returns filed electronically between April 13-15, 2005, through Intuit’s TurboTax online service.

No. 1 on the 2005 list is San Diego, followed by San Jose, Calif.; Chicago; Houston; New York; San Francisco; Phoenix; Tucson, Ariz.; Atlanta; and Los Angeles.

Intuit (NASDAQ: INTU), based in Mountain View, Calif., produces TurboTax tax preparation software as well as personal finance and business accounting software.

Source Web site: www.turbotax.com