Though there are other avenues available, experts consider it critical that someone interested in selling a home locate a Realtor to make sure the matter runs smoothly. A real estate agent should have a good working knowledge of the marketplace as well as the asking price of comparable homes. Realtors also should be able to provide a competent marketing strategy for your home.


When evaluating real estate agents, ask how they plan to market your home. Marketing your home includes ensuring that other real estate agents are exposed to it – statistics show that in some markets as many as 50 percent of real estate sales are cooperative efforts, that is a real estate agent other than the one you’ve hired brings in the buyer.


A real estate agent also will know the most effective ways to advertise your property. It may be listed in the local newspaper or featured on a home show. The agent also will know how much to advertise the home because too much advertising can, according to experts, give the impression the property has some problems.


The real estate agent provides many consolatory services to the seller. The agent will help you choose the best proposal or assist you in writing a counteroffer. An agent also can smooth the way for the appraisal, inspection and financing processes, help set up the closing and recommend reputable service providers. The seller also can rely on an agent to work in his behalf on paperwork that can be taxing if an unforeseen snag develops in the negotiating process.


Finally, a real estate transaction typically averages $100,000, a huge financial undertaking. Experts say it is as wise to have an agent help with the process of one of your biggest financial transactions.


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