Dallas–Fort Worth is expected to have 68.5 percent more new millionaire households in the next five years. So says a recent report by San Diego research firm Claritas Inc. Currently the area is home to over 67,000 millionaire households. Only Atlanta is attracting millionaires faster than the Metroplex.

Statistics from a new Brookings Institution study of middle-class neighborhoods reveal concerns that the Metroplex is growing apart economically. In 1970, almost half of Dallas neighborhoods could be considered middle class. Thirty years later, just 31 percent were middle class.

Brookings says this parallels a national trend. In 1970, 58 percent of all neighborhoods could be called middle class. By 2000, the percentage had dipped to 41 percent. In turn, only 37 percent of lower-income families lived in middle-income neighborhoods in 2000, down from 55 percent in 1970.

Source: dallasnews.com