Just when you thought your personal data like passwords and bank information was safe because you deleted it from your cell or PDA…turns out that hackers can still steal the information. Believe it or not, your private data can easily be hijacked from your trashed or turned in device, even when you’ve deleted everything. That could cause some major headaches for a lot of innocent people. But the good news is that you can protect yourself.

With the advancement of PDA’s and cell phones, these devices have become mini computers and contain loads of valuable and private information. Individuals store information in their cell phones like passwords, bank account numbers, appointments, contact information, even social security numbers.

And for most individuals, cell phones and PDA’s are used for about 1.5 years and then replaced, usually by upgrading to a newer model. Old cell phones and PDA’s are sold on EBay, tossed in the trash, or sent off to a cell phone recycling center. Of course, before turning it in or trashing it, most wisely delete the information.

But in reality, the information is not completely deleted…it remains on the device.

The part that is deleted is the pathway for the information to be displayed. Much like with a computer – when a file is deleted the operating system never erases the data, it only deletes the pointers to where the data is located. Hackers have the advanced software available that can resurrect erased data from a cell phone or PDA, even if you have already “deleted” the information.

In fact, the data can be recovered in 85% of cell phones and PDA’s! So hackers are buying old cell phones, extracting this valuable information, and passing it along to identity thieves.

But, there is a solution and it only requires a few additional steps to ensure that the data is permanently deleted and hacker-free.

Simply start by hitting this link www.wirelessrecycling.com, click on the “Cell Phone Data Eraser”, select the cell phone manufacturer, model, and click on the download instructions icon. Follow the instructions and all of the data will be completely and permanently removed. Can’t find the make and model? No worries – just contact the manufacturer of the cell phone or PDA, and ask for instructions on how to permanently delete all information from the device.

With just a few clicks of the mouse you can rest assured that when you sell or trash that old model, hackers and identity thieves will not be able to track where you have been, what your account numbers are, read confidential emails, or view photos or videos of your loved ones. And be sure to forward this important information on to everyone you know. Most likely they have cell phones or PDA’s and may be looking to upgrade. Knowing this valuable bit of information will keep them safe, so pass it on!