1. Homes are bought by comparison. We have a large inventory at our disposal
through MLS while you have an inventory of one.
2. We are very familiar with competitive houses so we can help you position your
home well.
3. It is difficult negotiating for yourself. We have lots of experience in writing
contracts and can negotiate aggressively on your behalf.
4. Buyers are not always forthright about their financial situation. We insist on
pre-qualifying before we even bring you an offer.
5. Our lender contacts and mortgage experience help buyers get the
financing they need.
6. Most buyers don’t want to tell the seller why they don’t make an offer. We
can probe the buyer or their agent for that information.
7. Any follow up you do with a buyer can be seen as desperation. We
follow up as part of our job so that you are not perceived in a
compromising light.
8. We can showcase your improvements better so that you don’t appear like
you are “selling.”
9. Most sellers who spend their time as a For Sale By Owner end up by
listing in the end. A recent NAR survey found that only 11% of sellers
nationally ended up selling by owner. Why spend your time and money if
in the end you will hire a REALTOR®?
10. Unqualified buyers can tie up your home. We try to ensure that it doesn’t
11. Personality conflicts with a buyer can get in the way. We come between the
buyer and the seller so that personalities don’t enter in.
12. Most buyers use a REALTOR®, which increases the number of buyers who
will see your home.
13. We can mobilize our company agents and other area REALTORS® on your
14. An NAR survey of recent closed sellers found that REALTOR®-assisted
sales brought in 20% more sales price than For Sale By Owner sales.
15. A FSBO sign makes you vulnerable for any curiosity seeker or unsavory
character. When you list, only buyers accompanied by a REALTOR® will
get into your home.
16. Being accessible to show your home limits your personal time and cuts
down the available showing time. When you list, your property will be
available during normal showing hours and the prospect will always be
accompanied by us or another REALTOR®.
17. Additional exposure through MLS and the Internet brings you a higher
18. We orchestrate the contract-to-closing process, including the appraisal,
buyer-loan process, title, inspections, pest control, survey, etc., taking this
burden off of you.
19. We make sure that you are compliant with all laws relating to the sale of
your home.
20. We only get paid when we get the job done.

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