Mortgage insurers have flagged nearly a quarter of the nation’s ZIP codes where they refuse to insure some home loans, making it harder for many homebuyers to borrow, even if they have good credit.

In recent weeks, mortgage insurers have flagged more than 9,600 ZIP codes in at least 34 states where they will not insure certain types of home loans — those for investment properties or second homes, those with riskier adjustable-rate or interest-only mortgages, or for buyers making down payments of less than 3 percent.

The entire states of California, Florida, Arizona, Michigan, Ohio and Nevada, which have seen the highest foreclosure rates and the worst price declines, are blackballed on some mortgage insurers’ lists.

For new homebuyers and those seeking to refinance, this can mean higher down payments and a higher bar for credit scores, among other requirements. The toughest restrictions are in markets where home prices are falling, though regions where property values are rising are not immune.

Source: Associated Press