A $467-per-year (yes, per year) electric bill, about $300,000 in home electronics and nights spent sleeping beneath the starry desert sky. Welcome to this year’s New American Home.

Las Vegas builder Blue Heron and architect Danielian Associates collaborated with interior designer Robb & Stucky Interiors to create the 2009 New American Home, a home that incorporates cutting-edge energy efficiency technology while offering such surprises as an elevator, wine cellar and private outdoor bedroom.

“We wanted to blur the line between indoor and outdoor living,” said Michael Murphy, owner of Blue Heron.

Murphy said care was taken to include a wide range of energy efficiency features that could be used in various regions of the country. Those included natural gas–powered heating and cooling, solar water heating and extensive use of photovoltaic panels that generate electricity for the house.

The home, which has more than 8,500 sf of air-conditioned space, was sited to optimize solar resources, and it incorporates landscape design that helps limit water and energy demand.

What will happen to the home once IBS 2009 leaves town? That’s already been taken care of. Murphy said the home has been sold to a private investor for around $5 million.

Source: Real Estate Center