The City of Rockwall unveiled its environmental action plan this month beginning with a program designed for employees.

The project is an environment-friendly program that will include “Green Government,” “Green Businesses” and a “Green Community.”

The City Council recently adopted “going green” as a focus area, and created a Conservation Coordinator position, a job now held by Rusty McDowell under the direction of Rick Sherer.

They have developed sustainable business principles designed to help city employees and city departments save resources and money to promote a positive workplace and community benefits. Each city department has appointed a member to the Green Team, a committee that meets monthly to discuss ideas and successes to attain a goal of reducing energy and water consumption and increasing recycling amounts.

Once City Hall gets established in the “going green” direction, city officials will reach out to the community beginning with businesses. Audits will be offered to the Top 20 water users so a plan for water conservation and recycling efforts can be developed.

Watch future newsletters for updated news on our environmental efforts and for information about plans for a city-wide campaign to “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink.”

Source: Rockwall City Notes