2009 brought “hope” and “change” for many people.  Even in a tough real estate market, The Matteson Group continued to connect with new clients and friends, define our areas of expertise and develop business. 

Joy springs from great clients and quick sales:

Richard and Evan both took on listings that were located in neighborhoods where there was not much movement. Richard had contracts on two of these homes, one in one week and another in three weeks!  64 days was the average time on the market for our clients.

Joy springs from family growth:

Friends who needed larger houses for their growing families were able to sell their homes and move up to larger ones. Our Group family grew in two ways: one, little Audree was born just after New Years to bless Evan and Virginia and all her grandparents, and she has become a bright star rising; two, we added an Office Administrator this Fall, Allyson, to help keep the office running smoothly as we grow. Wow! What a double blessing.

Joy springs from expanded vision:

www.RockwallTexasLiving.com became a part of The Matteson Group family of web connection points in March. Its weekly updates and community, as well as neighborhood video blogs, brought information and perspective to what it’s like to be a part of the Rockwall, Texas community. We also created more systems and implemented more processes so that clients could be well taken care of, which allows us to continue to focus on our relationship with them rather than just the transaction.

All of you have participated with us, whether by viewing the blog, buying or selling your home or by recommending our real estate services to people you know. Your support of our full-time family real estate business has been much appreciated and cherished.

Joy springs by passing it along:

Because of the way we were blessed this year in the midst of a national real estate down turn, we were able to continue to support Global Advance, Young Life, Cornerstone Kitchen, Lake Pointe Church’s Fall Family Festival and the church itself, and able to donate to other community entities that Coldwell Banker Apex chose to support.

We wish all of you a joy-filled Christmas and New Year and look forward to making 2010 another great year in real estate. Serving you, staying connected and seeking to have God present in our business will continue to be our focus for the coming year.

Thanks for being a part of the best real estate family in the Rockwall area!