Evan and Richard of The Matteson Group review and discuss February 22-28th, 2010 in the real estate market in the Rockwall and Heath Texas areas.

Current Properties for Sale: 546 homes
Sales: 10
Sale Price to List Price: 95%
Average Days on Market: 65 days
Number of Showings: 654


PS.  Richard was RIGHT!  Multitudinous is a word!


[muhl-ti-tood-n-uhs, -tyood-]  –an adjective

  1. forming a multitude or great number; existing, occurring, or present in great numbers; very numerous.
  2. comprising many items, parts, or elements.
  3. Archaic. crowded or thronged.
1595–1605; < L multit?din- (s. of multit?d?) multitude + -ous

—Related forms

mul·ti·tu·di·nous·ly, adverb
mul·ti·tu·di·nous·ness, noun


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