Join Rockwall Texas Living for day two – part 1 of  “On The Road” as we speak at Coldwell Banker Tech Summit 2010 in Wilmington, Ohio.  The summit is being hosted by Coldwell Banker King Thompson and Coldwell Banker West Shell.  We will speak with other industry professionals about how we have used video to feature our community of Rockwall and Heath Texas.

Come with us “On The Road” to see from the inside out what our time in Ohio is like and some of the fun things we get to do along the way!

Day Two Itinerary:

  • 6:15am EDT – Wake up, breakfast and check-out
  • 8:30am EDT – Coldwell Banker Tech Summit 2010 begins
  • 9:20am EDT – Opening Session – Ballroom B – Opening Remarks from:
    • Joe KingPresident & CEO, NRT Ohio Companies
    • Joe Reis, Exec. Vice President, NRT Central Region
    • Bruce Zipf, President and CEO,NRT
    • Jim Gillespie, President and CEO,Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC
  • 10:20am EDT – Keynote Speaker
  • 12:00pm EDT – Lunch – Ballroom A
  • 12:20pm EDT – First Breakout Sessions
    • Sara Bonert (social media is here to stay)
    • David Siroty (social media communication)
    • Dori Gehling (flip camera)
    • Michael Jones ( control panel)
  • 1:15pm EDT – Second Breakout Sessions
    • Sara Bonert(web presence on
    • Andrew Eklund & Dawn Hepper (connections into leads)
    • Sarah Poston (tech tools)
    • Marty Soller (computer tips)
  • 2:10pm EDT – Final Breakout Sessions
    • Evan Matteson (engage with video)
    • Andrew Eklund & Dawn Hepper (connections into leads)
    • Michelle Barnett (database for dummies)
    • Sue Price (mobile apps)
  • 3:05pm EDT – Closing Session – Ballroom B
    • Michael Fischer, Vice President of Marketing, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. with panelists Mike Randall and Evan Matteson
    • Jim Gillespie, President and CEO, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC 
  • 4:45pm EDT – Head to airport for return flights (Jim Gillespie, Michael Fisher, Joe Reis, David Siroty, Evan Matteson and Mike Randall
  • 7:05pm  EDT – Flight departs for DFW
  • 8:45pm CDT – Arrive back in DFW and head back to Rockwall Texas after celebrating Allyson Neal’s 30th Birthday at Craft.
  • 12:30am CDT – Get some rest

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