Rockwall County is the fastest growing retail market in the state, according to a recent survey.

The county’s retail market the most out of the state’s 50 largest counties, according to the Texas Retail Survey.

The rankings are based on sales data information between 2006 and 2011.

“We were able to experience a 17.9 percent growth over the last five years, which is really remarkable, especially in these economic times,” said Sheri Franza, Rockwall Economic Development Corp. president and CEO. “One of the things that this survey tells is that Rockwall is quickly becoming a place where people want to live and shop and set up business.”

“I love Rockwall, I’m from Rockwall and I love putting my money where I live,” said Cathy Trepte, who was buying jeans at a local boutique Tuesday..

Shop owners said they’ve seen more people coming to spend money in the city in the last few years.

“The growth that I have seen just in the last 10 years has just been unbelievable,” said Amy Butler, of Groovy’s Rockwall.

The city’s economic development corporation said it’s not just shopping. As the fastest growing county in the state, Rockwall is trying to push its lifestyle as “the total package” to attract transplants and visitors.

“There’s just a draw to Rockwell,” Butler said. “People from all over the nation and surrounding area come to Rockwall for the diversity that it has, but it also has a small-town feel.”

Collin and Denton counties placed ninth and 21st on the list, respectively.