We’ve been telling you for years now that Texas is heading for a population boom over the next several decades.

Of course, we’re a little biased. But now even our friends across the pond are getting in on the act.

BBC News talked about our state extensively yesterday in an article titled “10 Reasons Why So Many People Are Moving to Texas.”

After citing the U.S. Census Bureau’s recent report showing that five of the ten fastest-growing U.S. cities between 2011 and 2012 were in Texas, writer Tom Geoghegan explained what makes us so appealing.

Among the factors were jobs, especially those created by the oil and gas boom; low cost of living; ease of building homes (“From the time of getting a building permit right through to the construction of homes, Texas is much quicker than other states,” said Real Estate Center Research Economist Dr. Ali Anari); and the lack of a state income tax.

And if that’s not enough, check out reason numbers nine and ten: Texans are normal people, and they’re not going anywhere.

For more on Texas population growth, check out Center Research Economist Dr. Jim Gaines’ latest Tierra Grande article, “Crowd Control: Planning for Texas Population Growth.”

Source: Real Estate Center