When I was thinking about what to do with my last summer as a college student all roads led to getting an internship. Students work as interns for many reasons; experience, resume builders and many other opportunities. When I was offered the chance to work for The Matteson Group and learn the trade of real estate, I jumped at the opportunity. Coming into the job I knew next to nothing about the world of real estate, other than they sold homes and helped people purchase homes. I came to find out that it’s actually a lot of hard work, but it can be a really fun and rewarding occupation.

These are a few challenges that I encountered:

  • Realtors work extremely hard for their clients and sometimes that means long, work-filled hours.
  • Realtors have to balance many things in their lives including work, family and the passions they like to do with their free time.
  • There is no clear cut way to make a real estate transaction, you have different challenges and problems with every transaction that need to be handled quickly so the client can have the best experience possible.

These are some the rewards of real estate that I encountered:

  • You are able to deal with people and develop relationships with your clients. It becomes more than just a transaction with the fact that this is a big moment in your client’s life.
  • The harder you work the more successful you can become. I’ve learned that you actually can see the fruits of you labor in the real estate industry.
  • I learned it is more about creating a great experience for your clients rather than just trying sell as many homes as possible.
  • As a real estate agent you can be very creative and touch all bases of a business occupation. You market yourself as an agent, you handle transactions/contracts and you have the opportunity to communicate with clients (future, past and present).

The experience I gained this summer has been nothing but amazing. Evan Matteson has been a great mentor and he is very knowledgeable about the real estate industry. We have covered every base of the business and I can even take away things that I can use in any job. I even got to be a part of the marketing of his business, which is great because I am a marketing major. I would recommend anyone wanting to get into the world of real estate or just gain a business experience to work for a real estate agent or group, you can gain real experience and learn how to truly become a hard working individual.