A report released today by the Texas Association of Realtors (TAR) showed that Texas is a national leader in relocation activity and a sought-after location for households moving from other states.

According to TAR’s Texas Relocation Report, which analyzes 2010 data, 10,326 more households moved to Texas than moved from. Bexar County had the largest net inflow in Texas and the fourth largest net inflow of households (5,601) in the country. Williamson, Fort Bend, Travis, Denton, Tarrant and Montgomery Counties also ranked in the top 20 nationally.

Harris County is the most mobile county in the Lone Star State, ranking first in the state and third nationally for the largest inflow of households (67,299). Dallas and Tarrant Counties are the second- and third-most mobile Texas counties, ranking seventh (54,388) and 16th (40,699) nationally.

Harris County is also the top county in Texas and third largest county nationally for outflow of households (65,395). Dallas and Tarrant Counties have the second- and third-largest outflow of households statewide and are ranked sixth (56,233) and 19th (37,561) nationally.

Despite this outflow of households, Harris and Tarrant Counties both posted net gains for households. Conversely, Dallas County had the highest net loss in households statewide (-1,845).

In addition, Williamson County garnered the highest net inflow of households from out of state (1,846), followed by Montgomery County (1,226) and Bell County (849). San Patricio County had the highest net loss of households to other states (-95), followed by Ector County (-74) and Midland County (-31).

This report comes six months after U-Haul named Texas the number two growth state for 2012 and Houston the nation’s top relocation city. Austin was the third most popular in the 2012 relocation report.

“Data from the Texas Relocation Report show that the continued growth of the Texas housing market is not a housing bubble but a genuine surge in demand fueled by job and population growth across the state,” said Shad Bogany, TAR chairman. “People are moving, and they’re moving to Texas. Clearly, Texas is a domestic migration destination.”

The Texas Relocation Report is based on data from the National Association of Realtors’ 2012 Relocation Report and U-Haul’s 2012 Relocation Report. The report analyzes county relocation data for the 44 largest demographic areas in Texas.

Source: Texas Association of Realtors