Realtor Home Crush InfographicIt’s February, and love is in the air — especially when it comes to homebuyers, a recent survey found.

The organization surveyed 1,000 consumers, 69 percent of whom admitted to having a “home crush” — meaning a property they liked so much they looked at it more than once online or in person.

The survey also found that 41 percent of women are likely to have a crush on a home that is above their price range, compared with 30 percent of men.

Men were more likely than women to move from one home crush to another. Thirty-six percent of men surveyed say they find a new house crush weekly, compared with 29 percent of women.

Among the home features that made homebuyers’ hearts flutter:

  • Outdoor living space, a top attribute for men and women. Both also favored open floor plans and curb appeal.
  • Woman had their eyes on appliances and fixtures, while men looked for garage space.