Monthly Home Maintenance Reminders

Experts recommend setting aside 1-3% of your home’s purchase price each year for home maintenance or repairs. Here are a few recommendations for monthly maintenance. These monthly checks can save you from a costly repair later on down the road. 

  • Check your HVAC filter – Replace your air filter when it is visibly dirty. Every home is different so some air filters can be replaced every few months while some may need to be replaced every month. 
  • Check all sinks and toilets for any leaks – Do you see water or water spots in an area that it shouldn’t be? If so, this could be a sign of a leak. Time to investigate or hire a professional
  • Inspect caulking and grout in the bathroom – grout and caulking can easily crack or wear away. Catch these repairs before a minor leak from wear becomes major water damage. 
  • Clean your Kitchen Sink Disposal – To clean and sharpen your disposal blades add ice cubes to the disposal and run. Bonus: Add vinegar or make vinegar ice cubes instead.  
  • Check unused toilet, shower or sinks – When these items aren’t used frequently, they can dry up and cause a smell. Routinely flush or run water through these items to prevent odors. 
  • Clean vent covers – Check bathroom fan vent covers for dust. These can be vacuumed then wiped off for optimal air flow. Also check your range hood exhaust fan. These can get greasy really quickly, use a good degreaser and soak.