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The TMG Story

The driving force behind one of Rockwall Texas’ most successful real estate groups is not one single person. It’s an idea. That of a truly joy-filled real estate experience. “People matter more than anything – period,” says Evan Matteson, group leader of The Matteson Group with Coldwell Banker Apex, Realtors®. When faced with a decision to grow the business based on either relationships or transactions, the choice was clear. It was a fork-in-the-road decision that set The Matteson Group on a path that forever changed their perspective of the real estate industry.

Evan recollects, “I didn’t want to be a real estate agent originally. I thought I would be the odd man out in the salesy, glamour-shot, big-haired, predominantly female run industry in Texas. Not to mention that I was nearly 35 years younger than the national agent average age.” The challenge to succeed against many odds ultimately won out.

It was 2003 and the transition to the internet age of real estate was in its infancy. Not surprisingly, most agents were dragging their heels adjusting to this new paradigm. Evan recognized that professional photography, high quality print and internet exposure were the keys to success in creating cutting edge advantages for their clients. “My focus was on bringing professional marketing to all price levels, because the clients reaped the benefits from great marketing,” said Evan. While that focus was important, it only mattered because it helped clients.

Over the first 5 years, the successes of The Matteson Group began to rack up as they continued to live out the changes they wanted to see take root in the industry. Good ideas have a way of growing in challenging circumstances.

From 2008-2021 Evan’s father, Richard, joined The Matteson Group and broadened the perspective of this multi-generational family-owned business. With major economic changes looming, it was perfect timing to take a step back and reassess the big picture. “The real estate market can sends mixed signals in times of transition between buyer and seller markets,” says Evan. In 2008, Evan and Richard decided to take two weeks to review the changing market, their organizational structure and most importantly clarify their Strengths, Values and Core Beliefs.

The context provided by those two week’s worth of whiteboard sessions significantly impacted TMG’s decisions moving forward in the changing market. Over the next 4 years, in a down market, The Matteson Group’s business grew year over year between 15-20%. They contribute the unprecedented growth to the focus on relationships rather than transactions. This is further proven by the fact that 9 out of 10 people that choose to work with The Matteson Group come from word of mouth referrals.

Instead of manipulating people with sales techniques and gimmicks into purchasing a home that does not meet their long term needs we inspire our clients to be the hero for themselves or their family by mentoring them in wise real estate decisions. Through the years one of the most rewarding compliments has been the feedback we have received from clients thanking us for helping them make informed decision.

“When the real estate agents are at their best, they are not sales people, they are consultants. You have to put others before yourself,” says Evan. The focus in sales is how much profit the salesperson can make, while consultants guide you through a wise decision process. A deep level of trust is the foundation to every successful consultation…this trust comes from a relationship that has more history than internet leads.

At the end of the day, people are what really matter in life. A Joy-Filled Real Estate Experience is what we work towards for all of our clients. Joy-filled was a concept chosen deliberately. There are lots of variables you cannot control when selling or purchasing a home such as the overall market conditions or other people’s real estate decisions in your neighborhood. Joy is an attitude that exists regardless of the circumstances. When all aspects are considered we want our clients to be able to look back on their decisions knowing that they made the best decision possible in their unique scenario.