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Anchor Bay, Heath Texas

Neighborhood Video Overview for Anchor Bay

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Neighborhood Overview for Anchor Bay, Heath Texas

  • Current Listings and Recent Solds: REQUEST A FREE LIST
  • Price Range: $340,000 to $700,000
  • Years Built: 1989 to 2014
  • SQFT Range: 1700 to 5300
  • Lot Sizes: 1.00 to 1.28 Acres
  • Number of Lots in Subdivision: 33
  • Number of Lots w/out Homes: 1
  • HOA: none
  • Features: Near Lake Ray Hubbard
  • Subdivision Website: n/a
  • Schools: Click Here for more school information
  • Amy Parks – Heath Elementary School
  • Maurine Cain Middle School
  • Rockwall-Heath High School

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Anchor Bay Photos

Neighborhood Map for Anchor Bay (in yellow)