Closing and Moving In

The hard part is behind you, but there are a few more steps before you can move in to your new dream home.

6.1 Final Inspection

A few days before you take over the property, we’ll do one last walk through to make sure everything is in order.

6.2 Utilities and Services

You will have to change the utilities and services of the house over to your name, make sure to do this a few days before closing.

6.3 Closing Escrow

When your transaction is nearly completed, the title company will provide you with a “closing statement” that details all of the financial details of your home purchase. We will go over this with you to ensure its accuracy. At the last step in the buying process, the title company will have you sign the final documents, including loan documents (“deeds of trust”). When everything is complete, the title company will record the transaction for you at the County Assessor’s Office, and you will become the official new owner.

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